The first update of 2021 is here!

Advanced options for cover, call-to-action component for businesses, subscribe page to get you started with zero posts, and more...

2020 is (finally!) over, and we wanted to bid adieu on a high note. So the team decided to gift Draftbox users some significant features and improvements. Here’s a gist of this update:

  • Advanced options for cover: make a great first impression with beautiful covers
  • Call-to-action: close the deal with your users after delivering great content
  • Subscribe page: no content yet? no worries, share your beautiful subscribe page and build an audience before you start creating content
  • Customizable labels and placeholder: to support blogs with a foreign language, we have made our labels and placeholders for forms, buttons, etc., customizable.
  • Blog feed settings: customize placeholder for posts with no featured images, pagination, etc.
  • Icon/text logos: if you don’t have your logo, Draftbox creates an icon/text logo for you

Advanced options for cover

The cover is the first component that your user would see if they land on your blog homepage. As you know the first impression is very important, and we want to help you make a great first impression. So we made the cover more customizable:

  • Change the size of the cover - large/medium
  • Add a logo/icon/profile picture to your cover
  • Change content alignment - center/left
  • Change text style based on the type of background image
  • Add readability overlay
  • Support for buttons in cover to increase signups/subscribers/CTR
Here's how Elon Musk would have created cover for his personal blog 😉

Our front-end team created 2 great examples to show the use of cover options for personal and company use-case:

Personal blog cover demo →

Company blog cover demo →

Try now: Visit Draftbox dashboard and open your site. Select Cover under Content & Layout from the side navigation.


A compelling call-to-action is very crucial to converting your visitor into your customer. If a visitor is engaged with your content, a good CTA is a little push they need to sign up for your product/service. We analyzed 100s of high-performing blogs and worked out a feature to add compelling CTA to your blog. Here’s a screenshot of our CTA:

Draftbox Blog CTA

You can add a background image or use a background color, add multiple buttons, and adjust content alignment.

Try now: Visit Draftbox dashboard and open your site. Select CTA under Content & Layout from the side navigation.

Subscribe page

You just decided to start a blog for yourself or your company. You researched for the best blogging platform in 2021 and landed on Draftbox (Imagine)! You just created a site with Draftbox, but you don’t have any content yet. Now what?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We created a beautiful subscribe page that you can share with your network over WhatsApp and Twitter to build your audience even before you start writing content.

Click here to see it live

Try now: Visit Draftbox dashboard and open your site. Select Subscribe Page under Content & Layout from the side navigation.

Customizable labels and placeholder

A lot of our customers run foreign language blogs. Till now it was hard to change labels and placeholders for some buttons, links, and forms. With this update, we have made all labels and placeholders customizable via the dashboard. This is just the beginning of it. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments.

For example, you can now change button label and input placeholder for subscribe page

Blog feed settings

With this update, you can customize your blog feed:

  • Change labels for navigation
  • Change placeholder text and image when there’re no posts published on the blog
  • Change the style of blog post cover in the feed when there’s no featured image available
For example, blog post cover with icon and gray background

Try now: Visit Draftbox dashboard and open your site. Select Blog Feed under Content & Layout from the side navigation.

Icon/text logos

Often when individuals start a personal blog, they might not have a logo to upload for header navigation. Our design team came up with a solution to make your blog header beautiful even when you don’t have any logo.

You can either set your site name as a text logo or show the first letter of your site name as a logo.

For example, here's the first letter of the site name as a logo for navigation

This option is only available when you haven’t uploaded any logo.

Try now: Visit Draftbox dashboard and open your site. Select Header under Content & Layout from the side navigation.

Other minor updates

  • We have changed a few menu names in navigation for clarity:
    • Design is now Fonts & Colors
    • Content Options is now Content & Layout
    • Advanced Options is now Redirects & Permalinks
  • If you don’t want to show the cover on the blog feed page, you can hide it.
  • Now you can add policy/help text in the subscribe form
    • For example, We won’t spam you. Promise! or By subscribing, I agree to terms and policy.

Let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments below.

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