Instant preview, link existing posts, and more...

Our biggest UX improvement update so far. Instant preview will take the guesswork out of your Drafbox workflow.

Big surprises often come in small packages 📦 — that's how we'll describe our latest update. Here's a quick summary:

  1. Instant preview for your changes before you set them live. No more guesswork on how your homepage will look like or how your featured image will look like.
  2. Link existing posts/pages with ease. Boost your site’s SEO with internal linking strategy.
  3. Improved view for smaller images. Now smaller images won’t stretch out to the width of the article.

Let’s dive deep into each update 👇

Instant preview for your changes

How will this featured image look on my homepage? Will this be a good background for my cover? We know you’ve asked these questions before and waited for good ~5 minutes to figure out the answer. We also know that crafting content is a hard job, and we don’t want to burden you with these questions.

With this update, you can preview your changes in real-time before you make them live for the world to see. All you have to do is click on the 👁 preview button.

The instant preview feature is available with all the paid plans. If you’re not on a paid plan but want to test it out, you can create a new site for the trial.

This is how we figured out how featured images will look like in this post and on the homepage

Instant preview is currently in beta. Here’re some limitations:

  • Preview doesn’t work for scheduled posts, integrations, and injected CSS/JS.
  • If you delete a post or move post from published to draft, preview server will restart automatically to reflect your changes. This might take ~1 minute.

Let us know your feedback to help us improve this feature.

Link existing posts/pages with ease

Internal linking is a great strategy to boost your SEO, decrease the bounce rate and increase dwell time.

But I can always link other posts/pages by copy-pasting links! What’s new?

Draftbox will prefetch internal links you add with Link block. That means when your users click on that link, it will instantly load the linked page. For example, here’s a post on 5 ranking factors Google considers that you might not be aware of. Click on the link and see how fast the linked page loads. Isn’t it amazing?

Select Link block and start typing to search existing posts/pages

Tell us about your favourite internal linking strategy in the comments below.

Improved view for smaller images

Earlier smaller images used to stretch out to the width of the article, making them pixelated. Now you can add smaller images without worrying about them getting stretched.

Earlier 🙁

Smaller image getting stretched to width of the article
Smaller image getting stretched to the width of the article

Now 😄

Smaller images won't get stretched anymore
Smaller images won't get stretched anymore

Minor improvements/bug fixes

  • Improvement: Optimized mobile menu for more than 7 links and social icons.
  • Improvement: Removed default ” and “ from blockquote. Now it’s your choice to add quotes wherever you require them.
  • Improvement: Better image quality support for cover and CTA backgrounds across different device resolutions.
  • Bug-fix: featured posts will now properly show previous and next posts (if available).

Let us know your thoughts/comments/feedback about this update in comments below.👇 Your feedback is driving this product towards awesomeness, keep 'em coming!

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