Native Pinterest embed, customize link on the logo, and, more...

The Draftbox team is on a roll. 2nd update of this year is here!

Here’s the gist of this update:

  • Native Pinterest embed support — embed responsive Pinterest pins with /pin command.
  • More CTA/Subscribe visibility options — toggle the visibility of CTA/Subscribe on the different types of pages. For example, don’t show CTA after blog post content.
  • Customize the link on the logo — for example, you can redirect your visitors to a different destination like your company website or your personal profile when they click on the logo.
  • Buttons are now available for medium size cover as well — why be unfair with medium-sized covers!
  • One-click content export — your data is yours.
  • Improved, robust indexing prevention solution — Draftbox now uses X-Robots-Tag HTTP header to prevent indexing of your site.

Native Pinterest embed support

Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks with visual content. Unfortunately, their embed code is not responsive. But worry not! We’ve introduced the native Pinterest embed in our editor. Now you can type the shortcut /pin or select Pinterest from the block menu to embed a pin.

This pin was added using Pinterest block

More CTA/Subscribe visibility options

Fine-tune the placement of your call-to-action or subscribe component. With this update, we’re setting the base for more placement customization in future updates. Let us know your feedback in the comments.


Customize the link on the logo

Now you can customize the URL linked with the logo in the header. This would be very helpful for users who have a separate landing page/website. For example, you can link logo in the header to your landing page. For blog home, you can just add a menu item in the navigation.


Buttons are now available for medium size cover as well

Some of the users went on the protest last week complaining that we are not fair to medium-sized covers! We had to comply and release a fix to support buttons for medium-sized covers. For example, our blog’s homepage has a medium cover with buttons.

Draftbox blog cover: medium size with buttons

One-click content export

When we say “True data ownership”, we mean it. Now you can export your content with one-click! No need to send a request to support team.

The export contains posts, pages, tags, members, and site settings

Improved, robust indexing prevention solution

robots.txt will indeed prevent your site from being crawled by search engines, but links to your site may still appear in search results if other sites have links that point to your site. Draftbox now uses X-Robots-Tag HTTP header over robots.txt to prevent indexing of your site:

Header set X-Robots-Tag "noindex, nofollow"

Other minor updates

Embeds now support full width

This improves the view of embedded content added via a link. For example 👇

RSS shows custom excerpt if available

If you’ve added excerpt for a post, it will take precedence in RSS feed, making your blog card look more meaningful in apps like Feedly.

Let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments below.

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