Blog on a subdirectory, instant preview for scheduled posts, and more...

Already have an existing site? Run Draftbox on a subdirectory. Now you can also see the instant preview of scheduled posts.

The latest update of Draftbox is here:

  1. Host your blog on a subdirectory. If you have an existing site, Draftbox can be run from a separate location, e.g., known as a subdirectory (also referred to as subfolder).
  2. Instant preview support extended for scheduled posts. Now you can preview your scheduled posts—no more shooting in the dark.

Let’s dive deep into each update:

Blog on a subdirectory

If you have an existing site, you might want to run your blog from a separate location e.g. , also known as a subdirectory. After today’s update, you can easily set up your blog on a subdirectory (often referred to as a subfolder).

This feature is available with all the paid plans and requires custom server configurations from your side.

Visit Draftbox dashboard and open your site. You can access this feature from the side navigation under Custom Domain. Instructions are available for Nginx, Apache, Vercel, and Netlify.

Set up your blog on subdirectory also known as subfolder
Set up your blog on a subdirectory

✨ Interesting fact

This blog used to be at Now its new home is using the latest subdirectory feature.

Instant preview support for scheduled posts

Last week we released Instant Preview feature to help you save countless hours while publishing your posts. After today’s update, you’d be able to preview scheduled posts as well.

Minor improvements/bug fixes

  • Improvement: Improved image loading for your images within the post for better performance.
  • Improvement: Added notification system on the Home page of your site dashboard so that you never miss important updates.

Let us know your thoughts/comments/feedback about this update in comments below.👇 Your feedback is driving this product towards awesomeness, keep 'em coming!

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