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Already have an existing site? Run Draftbox on a subdirectory. Now you can also see the instant preview of scheduled posts.

18 February, 20212 min read


Our biggest UX improvement update so far. Instant preview will take the guesswork out of your Drafbox workflow.

09 February, 20213 min read


Big shoutout to all our early adopters for helping shape this product. Thank you for driving us towards awesomeness!

28 January, 20215 min read


The Draftbox team is on a roll. 2nd update of this year is here!

11 January, 20213 min read


Advanced options for cover, call-to-action component for businesses, subscribe page to get you started with zero posts, and more...

05 January, 20215 min read


Good content is not enough; Get other ranking factors right and increase your chances of getting to the top spot on the SERP.

02 January, 20215 min read


Our biggest update yet - a powerful, clutter-free CMS for you.

26 November, 20202 min read

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