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We built Draftbox so you can focus on what matters — content. Leave your worries about performance, user experience, SEO, security, and scalability to us. Draftbox is a no-code JAMstack blogging platform, built on Gatsby.

Why Draftbox?

Draftbox replaces the mess of bloated plugins/template code editing for essential functionalities, slower/broken site, security issues with Gatsby-powered static site, and in-built integrations that just works.

Users will love your site's experience

Provide 10x better experience with pre-built pages served from global CDN in a jiffy.

  • Image optimization

    Draftbox compresses and lazy load images to speed up initial page load, generates smaller images so mobiles don't download desktop-sized images and uses a traced placeholder to preview your image.

  • Caching & CDN

    Draftbox serves cached static files including images, javascript, stylesheets, and even HTML files from CDN powered by Netlify to provide amazing user experience in any corner of the world.

  • Prefetch pages

    This mechanism provides smoother and faster navigation among internal pages, which results into a considerable reduction in bounce rate and an increase in domain authority.

Google will love your site’s SEO

Google has made site speed an actual search ranking factor, and Draftbox leaves no stone unturned to help you rank better.

  • In-built SEO

    Draftbox auto-generates metadata, rich social cards, structured data(JSON-LD), sitemap, and descriptive text for links and images.

  • Page speed optimization

    Draftbox has optimized its theme for core web vitals defined by Google to improve page speed and Lighthouse score.

  • AMP pages

    AMP becomes a critical part of your content strategy since most of the searches happen over mobile. Draftbox provides clean, elegant, and valid AMP pages for your articles without breaking a sweat.

Grow your audience

At Draftbox, we understand the importance of reaching out to as many users as you can, via different channels.

Subscribe widget
With Zapier integration in-built to connect with your existing tools - Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Mailgun and more.
RSS Feed
Draftbox auto-generates RSS feed for your blog. Your users can add this feed to Feedly or other RSS readers.
Social sharing widget
Draftbox has in-built widget for social sharing that works wonders without compromising on performance.

Draftbox works effortlessly with your existing tools

Analytics, forms, comments, and support are the 4 most essential pillars of nurturing a great community and providing them with the best content by understanding their behaviour, feedback, and engagement with your content. Draftbox provides all four pillars as in-built integrations.

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Google Tag Manager

And more...

Our mission — JAMstack for everyone

For content creators
Powerful platform to create and distribute your content. Zero coding skills required.
For startups and teams
Save your tech resources. Kick-off your company blog in under 5 minutes or less.
For agencies
Provide your client with a powerful, beautiful CMS built for blogging.
For developers
Use Draftbox as headless CMS to build a customized solution. Coming soon

Be ahead of the curve

With more than 50% of web traffic now being from mobile, performance isn't optional anymore.

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